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Presentation at MWC’09: What is MOCOM 2020?

MOCOM 2020 - The Future of Mobile At our evening Event, the Mobile Media TweetUp, at the Mobile World Congress 2009 I presented the MOCOM 2020 project and explained how you can join the conversation.

We have defined “MOCOM 2020” as a non-profit think tank for the future of mobile media. But during the Mobile World Congress we have heard a few interesting explanations of the project. Some called it a “virtual global mobile monday”, “the information hub for mobile media” or a “crowdsourcing platform of the future of mobile communication”. I think all definitions are correct and add new and challenging aspects to our collaborative project. The interaction with the attendees at the TweetUp, visitors to the MWC and you really makes MOCOM 2020 to a very special project.

Review of the Mobile Media TweetUp 2009

MWC'09 TweetUp: Rolf Hansen and Min Xuan LeeAt this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we invited to an evening event, the Mobile Media TweetUp, invited innovative experts to speak and presented the MOCOM 2020 project.

The Mobile Media TweetUp was realized by MOCOM 2020, SIMYO and Smaato.

There have been over 200 people from more than 16 countries attending the Mobile Media TweetUp.

Rolf Hansen, CEO of Simyo, talked about why consumer centricity is a key success-factor nowadays. Min Xuan Lee presented “How Twitter changed my life” (Read the full presentation here). And Monty C. M. Metzger presented the MOCOM 2020 project and how everybody can collaborate and join the movement.

Furthermore Harald Neidhardt, Co-Founder & CMO of Smaato, moderated the Smaato Mobile Advertising Award 2009.

Mobile Media Tweetup