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Will roaming be free in the future?

truphone Mobile Voice-Over IP (VoIP) is an opportunity for StartUps like Truphone to compete with the global Mobile Network Operators. Mobile VoIP offers consumers a way for low-cost global calls.

“Until now, the only way to avoid the massive cost of mobile roaming is to carry multiple phones and multiple SIM cards, one for each country you frequent,” stated Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson. “This means juggling multiple devices and phone numbers to avoid paying the high roaming rates traditionally associated with travel.

“Our customers tell us that they value our current services to make low cost international calls when at home and when roaming. Now they’re asking us to bring it all together. They want one phone, one SIM and one plan. Truphone Local Anywhere delivers this all-in-one solution by providing the first fully-integrated multi-country mobile service for personal users and business professionals. Now these internationalists can enjoy all the benefits of home wherever they may be.”

Video Interview with Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Truphone.