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Will books drop dead when the web becomes easier to hold?

According to recent news, the future of books and ebooks will be vook-like, and media tablets will turn books into multimedia, web-linked, social-networking experiences. It all sounds very new, but isn’t this already how people develop content for the web?

Should we worry about books, or should we simply take the web in hand (with the help of mobile tech) and continue to develop web content to its fullest potential?

Mobile Tech: Do we need to learn anything in advance anymore?

If we can learn anything at a moment’s notice, wherever we are, while in possession of mobile tech (such as a smartphone), is there any real need to learn something now for future application? That is, with a smartphone, don’t each of us already possess more knowledge than could be expected from any one person, the only difference being that we access it through a device in our hand rather than from memory?