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So far here are the only places I’ve found an official mention of the “sensorconomy”. I’d like to gather more information on this.

2011 build in sensors, like GPS, temperature, humidity, light- or compass-chips, create new mobile ecosystems – the sensorconomy.

The rise of the “sensorconomy” – a new economy and ecosystem driven by the Internet of Things. Is this M2M on steroids or is it much more than that? Monty expects a wave of new company and business models to cash in one this.

From Andrew Keen\’s rant we move on to a next09 panel on mobile telephony. What will the mobile environment look like in 2020? We begin with a brief video from the open think tank, showing where we\’ve come from, and where we may be going (a \’sensorconomy\’ based on digital device sensors, new mobile services and mobile broadband offerings, major takeup in India, Africa, and other developing regions, miniaturisation and embedding of mobile devices, a shift of newspapers from print to mobile delivery, instant translation tools, location tracking, and substantial privacy and security concerns).

smart objects

20 Questions for Mocom 2020

20 Questions for Mocom 2020We need your help!

Please have a look at these 20 questions about the future of Mobile Media and Communication. We reflect our thesis and trends presented in our Future Vision Video and want to get your thoughts and feedback.

The questionaire will just take you a few minutes, but for us it will be big help.
If you take part you have the chance to win one of three Mocom 2020 books.
Thank you for your support.

20 Questions for Mocom 2020 – The Questionaire:
Start the Questionaire right here!

Book Preview: Mobile Future @mocom2020

Mobile Future @Mocom2020 - BookThe goal of our open research project Mocom 2020 is to create and share a vision of the future of mobile media and communication for the next decade. Since the start of the website we have published many profound and insightful articles from international experts and advisors.

We are overwhelmed with the positive feedback and thousand of views of our Video: “The Future of Mobile”.

Thus we want to announce the publication of the book “Mobile Future @mocom2020 – A collaborative vision of the future of Mobile Media and Communication” which we will share with you online as well. Until we publish the whole book including all articles from we provide the index and the first few pages already today.

Buy the book on Amazon:
Mobile Future @mocom2020: A collaborative vision of the future of Mobile Media and Communication

Book Excerpt: Mobile Future @Mocom2020

Future Vision Video subtitled in Chinese and French

Video with chinese subtitles
Within the first week after we have published the Future Vision Video we already reached over 10.000 views on YouTube. But we also published the Video on DotSub to enable users to subtitle the video. Within a few weeks the Mocom 2020 Community subtitled the video in Chinese and French.

Thank you for your support and engagement to offer the video in many different languages. You can also participate and translate the video in Spanish, Greek or any language you want.

Video: Mobile Future on

Exclusive results of MOCOM 2020 at next conference in May 2009

On May 5 & 6 the next conference is taking place in Hamburg, Germany. Organised by SinnerSchrader, the next conference is one of the most important networking and trend conferences within the European web industry.

Rolf Hansen, CEO of Simyo, and Monty Metzger, CEO of Ahead of Time, will exclusively premiere the first results of the MOCOM 2020 project.

Next Conference 2009:
20% off for MOCOM 2020 Community!

Please register here
with our special promotion code for a 20% reduction of the tickets:

next09 is gathering a hundred international speakers and more than 1500 participants, amongst them will be marketing decision makers of the media, technology and advertising sector, agencies, service providers and start-ups. It is the only conference that unites the Internet community with brands and leading companies.

Share Economy is this year’s theme of next09. This term is shaped by the economy theorist Martin Weitzman. His basic idea: The more we share our success with others, the more we profit ourselves. This applies to humans as well as brands. An outline of the topic and further information can be found in a brief summary of Share Economy.

– next09 programme
– next09 speakers list
– next09 participant list

Presentation at MWC’09: What is MOCOM 2020?

MOCOM 2020 - The Future of Mobile At our evening Event, the Mobile Media TweetUp, at the Mobile World Congress 2009 I presented the MOCOM 2020 project and explained how you can join the conversation.

We have defined “MOCOM 2020” as a non-profit think tank for the future of mobile media. But during the Mobile World Congress we have heard a few interesting explanations of the project. Some called it a “virtual global mobile monday”, “the information hub for mobile media” or a “crowdsourcing platform of the future of mobile communication”. I think all definitions are correct and add new and challenging aspects to our collaborative project. The interaction with the attendees at the TweetUp, visitors to the MWC and you really makes MOCOM 2020 to a very special project.

Review of the Mobile Media TweetUp 2009

MWC'09 TweetUp: Rolf Hansen and Min Xuan LeeAt this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we invited to an evening event, the Mobile Media TweetUp, invited innovative experts to speak and presented the MOCOM 2020 project.

The Mobile Media TweetUp was realized by MOCOM 2020, SIMYO and Smaato.

There have been over 200 people from more than 16 countries attending the Mobile Media TweetUp.

Rolf Hansen, CEO of Simyo, talked about why consumer centricity is a key success-factor nowadays. Min Xuan Lee presented “How Twitter changed my life” (Read the full presentation here). And Monty C. M. Metzger presented the MOCOM 2020 project and how everybody can collaborate and join the movement.

Furthermore Harald Neidhardt, Co-Founder & CMO of Smaato, moderated the Smaato Mobile Advertising Award 2009.

Mobile Media Tweetup

Mobile Media TweetUp at MWC’09 in Barcelona

Mobile Media Tweetup

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2009 is gathering interesting people and active Twitter-Users from around the world. We want to invite twitter-fans, executives, experts, bloggers and journalists to the first

The event is realized by MOCOM 2020 – in teamwork of SIMYO and SMAATO.

The Mobile Media Tweetup is a place for fresh ideas, new inspiration and interesting people. But it is also an experimental gathering which idea was created just three weeks before the MWC’09 starts. Participants will enjoy short dinner speeches and networking in an international atmosphere. Ready for a sincere warm up for a long party night or as a cool down from MWC day’s hectic.

Chill with drinks and food and join us on Tuesday, February 17th, in Barcelona.
The event starts at 7 PM local time.

For the MOCOM 2020 Community we have reserved 20 tickets.
(First come, first serve.)
Register here:
Invitation Code: mocom2020-tweetup-09