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Mobile, most important for digital business?

Travis Katz, MySpaceTravis Katz, Managing Director International at MySpace, answers the question if mobile is most important for a digital company like MySpace.

The answer is “Yes”. Mobile is one of the fastest growing and most important parts of their business. They have over 5 million unqiue visitors per day on the MySpace mobile platform, which is roughly 10% of the overall traffic at MySpace. The traffic to their mobile website is growing rapidly and they claim to be the number one visited mobile website for social networking.

For MySpace mobile is not an add-on, it is a center-piece for their future strategy. That’s why they invest in new technology and started mobile video streaming to become leader for mobile video in the future. They are also very successful with their iPhone App and Blackberry App, as it is one of the most downloaded applications.

Video Interview with Travis Katz, MySpace: