Will books drop dead when the web becomes easier to hold?

According to recent news, the future of books and ebooks will be vook-like, and media tablets will turn books into multimedia, web-linked, social-networking experiences. It all sounds very new, but isn’t this already how people develop content for the web?

Should we worry about books, or should we simply take the web in hand (with the help of mobile tech) and continue to develop web content to its fullest potential?

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3 thoughts on “Will books drop dead when the web becomes easier to hold?

  1. I believe that no matter what advances happen in technology, the printed book will remain ubiquitous. I’m not being nostalgic, but there is something visceral in a printed book. It does not require power, you never get an error message, and I have yet to reboot one.

  2. Books and web content will co-exist. I for my part cannot imagine a life without books. It’s a physical thing to hold in your hand, it has a surface, it has a scent and it looks great in shelves. 😉 No doubt, there will be fewer books and the online multimedia applications will grow, but they won’t eliminate books.

  3. books and web content will co-exist. I will never want to live without books, it’s a physical think you can hold in your hand, the paper has a beautiful surface and it has a scent, so it’s much more personal. No doubt, the numbers of books will diminish and the multimedia applications on the web will increase, but books won’t get extinct. At least i hope so 😉

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