Book Preview: Mobile Future @mocom2020

Mobile Future @Mocom2020 - BookThe goal of our open research project Mocom 2020 is to create and share a vision of the future of mobile media and communication for the next decade. Since the start of the website we have published many profound and insightful articles from international experts and advisors.

We are overwhelmed with the positive feedback and thousand of views of our Video: “The Future of Mobile”.

Thus we want to announce the publication of the book “Mobile Future @mocom2020 – A collaborative vision of the future of Mobile Media and Communication” which we will share with you online as well. Until we publish the whole book including all articles from we provide the index and the first few pages already today.

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Mobile Future @mocom2020: A collaborative vision of the future of Mobile Media and Communication

Book Excerpt: Mobile Future @Mocom2020

About Monty Metzger

Monty Metzger is an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Trend-Scout. He is initiator and head of the MOCOM2020 project. He studied Business Administration in Germany and Switzerland and specialiced early on electronic Marketing. Since Monty founded his first company in 1998 he realised inspiring projects like BMW’s Web TV in 2001 or BMW’s first Mobile Marketing activities in 2002. He attended the “Innovation Academy” at the Harvard Business School and is blogging at He found the german office of the global Trend Research and Trend Consultancy “CScout” and expanded the company in China. Since 2008 he is focusing on the growth of “Ahead of Time“, an innovation agency focusing on Emerging Media, such as Social Media and Mobile Media.

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  1. Why are you advertising your own book on this forum? Why not make it available for download for free? This is supposed to be an open think tank not a money-making enterprise for you Monty.

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