The Internet of Things: Wireless Security Cameras.

At the Innovation Area at MWC’09 I met an innovative security tech company from Spain called Bioaccez Control. They are showing a streaming video cam with an integrated SIM Card. You can call the security cam from your phone and log into the video stream. You can watch the live video stream directly on your phone and see what is happening in real time.

The have different types of cameras for indoor and outdoor usage as well as video servers for automatic recordings. There are many usage scenarios: in New Zealand the government has integrated the cams in public buses; at Skiing Resorts the tourism department uses these cams for wireless webcams.

Video Interview with Albert Riera, Marketing Director, Bioaccez Control:

Where would use such cameras?

Bioaccez Control:
UMTS-3G Videocam that can be watched directly from a 3G mobile phone.
With no need of an IP server or extra software downloads in your phone.

From a mobile phone (UMTS) a call can be done to the camera and after a password you can video control the site in real time. The camera has infrared LEDs for night vision. Internal battery with more than 250 hours in standby and 4 hours in video call if power goes off. The external power supply is supplied within the kit.

Can be installed outside, having an IP 54 protection. The camera is made in the European Union.

WANT TO MAKE A TEST? MAKE A VIDEOCALL TO +39 393 555 4870 or +34 646 191 836(Attention: those Videocams are placed in Italy and Spain respectively, the cost of the call will be according to the prices or the contract you have with your telecom operator).

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