The Ease of charging your mobile devices!

Imagine you come home and just put your mobile devices on the table or cupboard to charge them. Through a wireless charging technology this could be soon reality.
The system has a transmitting power of 30 MHz and a small receiver antenna build in the mobile phone.

The eZone technology shown at the Qualcomm booth at MWC’09 is making our life easier, you don’t need different plugs, adapters or cables anymore. The XYC Company have shown several working prototypes. Devices can also share power and transfer power from one device to another wirelessly.

As the development cycle of mobile phones is around 2-3 years we might see this technology in action in 2011.

The Plam Pre which will come out this year, already has an inductive charging system. Inductive charging is still very limited in use, so you have to place the mobile devices on the correct position, while here you can be in radius of around 20-30 centimeters.

In a rapidly growing electronics industry with an array of new devices and charging accessories, Qualcomm’s eZone research initiative addresses the need for a universal charging platform that can charge multiple devices – simultaneously and wirelessly.

Applying the principles of near-field magnetic resonance, eZone enables you to charge multiple devices without having to connect them to individual wired battery chargers. eZone does not require that devices be positioned or aligned in any exact manner, or that they have any specific conductive surface that must touch eZone. Also, common metal objects such as keys, coins or pens do not affect the charging. All these advantages lead to a convenient charging platform that meets the charging needs of your everyday lifestyle.

eZone is designed to meet FCC’s safety standards and aims to co-exist with other technologies such as Bluetooth®, NFC, Wi-Fi and others. eZone is currently a Qualcomm Research project and will soon offer appealing opportunities for product development.

Video Introduction of eZone:

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