Skype Application for iPhone

Skype and Apple announced the official Skype Application at CTIA 2009.


Months after teasing us at CES with an announcement of Skype’s native VoIP client for the iPhone, the free Skype for iPhone will finally be available to download from the iTunes App Store sometime on Tuesday. We got a chance to sit down with the application’s principal engineer before the announcement was made at CTIA 2009, to see Skype for iPhone do its thing. While most of the features aren’t too surprising–Skype does want to maintain some consistency across its mobile applications, after all–there are a few capabilities that are notably missing, and a few iPhone-only perks that are refreshing to see.

skype apple iphone skype apple iphone

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  1. This has been a long time comming. I cant wait to try it. The other VOIP services for the Iphone are not up to the task.

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