Are we in the Cambric Explosion of Mobile Advertising?

10 years ago we saw the evolution of Mobile Marketing with first text messages sent around by advertisers on small black and white screens. Since then many forms of Mobile Marketing developed alongside the fast growing penetration of devices as well as their evolving technical capability.

Majority of campaigns are still pull campaigns using SMS, MMS or other technologies like QR-codes to get in contact with the consumer. Nowadays – in the iPhone-age – so-called smart phones allow a quick and excellent browsing experience on the go. So it does not astonish that brands from all verticals, with Automotive, Fashion and FMCG at the spearhead, conquer the fast increasing inventory of sellable ad space in the Mobile Internet. Mobile Ad-Server companies make sure to cover the enormous variety of handsets and display seizes. Application provider launch fascinating apps especially around location based information almost every day.

App Stores of players like Apple, Google and Nokia spill over. Smart phone penetration gets close to 20% in developed countries. In Germany alone this equals an addressable market of up to 15 million people. Under all categories of Mobile Marketing the youngest discipline Mobile Advertising is the one that grows exponentially. If the industry makes its homework (setting standards for media means, defining the currency for reach, lowering the data pricing) Mobile Advertising revenues will explode soon. And Mobile will be a planed line item during the budget process of all major advertisers.

About Mark Wächter

Mark Wächter, aged 43, is a graduated economist and marketer with many years professional and leadership experience, national and interna tional market know-how in the areas of FMCG / food trade (Unilever), IT / Internet (UUNET / WorldCom) and telecommunications / cellular phones (T-Mobile). In May 2005 he founded, a management consultancy focusing on the development of Mobile Strategies for companies who (plan to) use mobile phones as a medium to address their target group. Mark is head of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in Germany and member of MMA’s Global Board of Directors. In 2006 he launched MobileMonday in the German market. Today Mark is Co-Chairman of MobileMonday Germany with 5 chapters live and running. In Europe Mark is respected as Mobile Media evangelist.

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