Do you need an Ecosystem for Mobile Media?

Marco Koeder, MOCOM2020 Advisor, discusses the question if you need a Ecosystem for mobile media to be successful?

NTT Docomo has build a rich ecosystem in Japan and creates an environment where content-providers and network-companies can thrive and build a powerful mobile portfolio. We see similiar examples right now with the iPhone and its App-Store or the launch of Google Android.

Since there is an successful ecosystem already in Japan, there are a lot of success-factors and cases-studies where you can profit from in other countries as well.

Video Interview with Marco Koeder:

About Marco Koeder

Marco Koeder is the Executive Director of CyberMedia K.K., one of Japans leading mobile and web communication agencies. Part of his daily business is to develop and manage digital strategies for global brands in the Japanese market and beyond. Especially in the interactive and mobile field he spearheaded the global digital strategies of brands like Lufthansa, Renault, Volvo, Nikon and others. Being a digital expert and advisor who knows how to “walk the talk”, Marco published a wide range of reports and articles about Japans mobile and online industry and is frequently holding speeches and seminars on the future of mobile and digital communication for Japanese and international executives. He just finished writing a book about” The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile: A Manual for the Future Success of the Global Mobile Industry”, to be published by Wiley in mid 2009. Marco is also an independent advisor to several global companies in the telecommunication and digital content business.

3 thoughts on “Do you need an Ecosystem for Mobile Media?

  1. Japan is certainly a special case. The eco-system of NTT Docomo only worked in this market. Wherever they tried it elsewhere it failed. Japan in itself is a propriatery system :-) I more like the examples of Apple and Google. If you have a slick device, a good data plan, an attractive OS and UI and last but not least an open system for developers to contribute apps it looks like these kind of eco-systems stimulate Mobile Media dramatically.

  2. It is more than true that DoCoMo failed with their approach in other markets. One of the reasons behind this was a lack of understanding what kind of “adapted” ecosystem is necessary in other countries to help a service like i-mode to thrive. Actually Google and Apple took many inspirations from DoCoMos i-mode approach. And these inspirations circle around establishing a sustainable “ecosystem” . I think we all agree that without a working ecosystem mobile media will have a very hard time to survive. 😀

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