Key Research-Clusters for MOCOM2020

MOCOM2020 is the leading open think tank for mobile media. Our goal is to discuss key trends for the next years and to create a vision of the year 2020.

We want to examine how advances in technologies were changing the way connected consumers engaged mobile and the impact of those behaviors on the economy. We have set up an open innovation research process with specific research clusters and innovation fields.

We focus on three main research areas:

  • Society: You and other connected consumers.
  • Technology: Advanced technology developments, like mobile applications, handsets, tools, instruments or specific functions.
  • Economy: Impact of mobile life to the economy, changes of business models, new trends and important dynamics for the upcoming decade.

About Monty Metzger

Monty Metzger is an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Trend-Scout. He is initiator and head of the MOCOM2020 project. He studied Business Administration in Germany and Switzerland and specialiced early on electronic Marketing. Since Monty founded his first company in 1998 he realised inspiring projects like BMW’s Web TV in 2001 or BMW’s first Mobile Marketing activities in 2002. He attended the “Innovation Academy” at the Harvard Business School and is blogging at He found the german office of the global Trend Research and Trend Consultancy “CScout” and expanded the company in China. Since 2008 he is focusing on the growth of “Ahead of Time“, an innovation agency focusing on Emerging Media, such as Social Media and Mobile Media.

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  2. What are new opportunities and new threats of mobile communication in societies such as emerging markets? e.g. instead of closing the information/access gap, it might opening one between those with access to technologies and those without access?

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